Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Women

The Amir’s wife, Shaikha Sabika bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, is an active and strong supporter of women’s rights. In 2001, she formed the “Supreme Council for Women,” a policy advisory group of 14 leading figures with experience in women’s issues.

A Key Role in Leading The Country

The women of Bahrain live in a country that is far ahead of the Arab world in terms of freedom to run for office, work, learn, and travel. Women make up nearly half of private-sector employees and hold more than half of all managerial positions in the public sector. Bahrain has also realized success in narrowing the gender gap by 99% in education and by 96% in the health sector.

King Hamad has elevated women’s rights and equal opportunity as a key pillar of Bahrain’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Women in Parliament

2018 was a historic year for Bahraini women in government. The number of women candidates doubled compared to the previous election. Six women were elected as legislators in the Council of Representatives, a record number in a record-breaking year.