Freedom of Religion

While Islam is the religion of some 80% of Bahrain’s inhabitants, there are many other faiths in Bahrain and religious freedoms are respected. Bahrain’s King has underscored the country’s value of religious tolerance. Bahrain was the first Arab nation to have a Jewish ambassador to the United States. Bahrain’s capital, Manama, is home to the Arabian Peninsula’s only synagogue, a 200-year-old Hindu temple, and a Sikh temple. Christian churches are found throughout the country, serving the country’s large expatriate community.

The Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration

The Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration, which calls for greater religious tolerance across the globe, was unveiled at a global ceremony held at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, California. The Declaration captures the King’s personal priority to build a more tolerant Middle East, free of antisemitism and extremism. The historic declaration was signed by Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders.