NASA Hails NSSA’s Organization for Space Apps Challenge 2022

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) praised the National Space Science (NSSA) role in organizing Space apps challenge 2022, granting Bahrain the highest percentage of participants globally reaching 273.2%.


NASA lauded the NSSA for being the first in the world in the speed of response to fulfilling the requirements of NASA in comparison with more than 300 regulatory local leads that included space agencies participating in the challenge.


NSSA CEO Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Aseeri said that the praise of NASA is due the effort of NSSA’s employees in organizing the challenge.


He said that the NSSA has worked hard to highlight Bahrain’s position in this international challenge and enabled its participants to gain knowledge and skills that serve their fields.


Dr. Al Aseeri added that the NSSA has taken a long road in promoting awareness on the importance of space sciences on a national level.


He stressed that the Space apps challenge is a good opportunity to employ basic, technical and engineering sciences and refine the skills of the 21st century among the participants.


Dr Al Aseeri added that the challenge opens the way for international cooperation opportunities between the participating teams to solve real problems facing the space sector.


The hackathon is held in cooperation with 11 space agencies from different parts of the world with Bahrain as the only Arab participant.


The Space apps challenge 2022 held in the Kingdom has been organized with Bahrain Polytechnic as an academic partner and Bahrain Society of Engineers.


The challenge has witnessed a great turnout, with more than 31,000 participants from more than 300 locations around the world, which is the largest participation in the history of the hackathon since its launch in 2012.


The Space apps challenge 2023 will be held on October 7-8, and the NSSA invited all students and those interested to prepare for participation.


The date for registration will be announced in the coming weeks.