Bahrain is Home

The Kindom of Bahrain derives its name from the Arabic term al-bahrayn, meaning “two seas” in reference to the sweet water springs surounded by salt water. Since antiquity, Bahrain has been renowed for its groves of date palms and pearl fisheries, and home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bahrain's culture is welcoming and open. Rich traditions live alongside a global, cosmopolitan outlook that fuels a diverse and thriving economy. In the capital of Manama, traditional crafts share the scene with vibrant contemporary art. While many of Bahrain's residents are from countries around the world, it is never difficult to meet a Bahraini.

A High Quality of Life

With a history of welcoming people from all over the world, Bahrain is characterized by a respect for diversity and pluralism. English is widely spoken and Bahrain consistently ranks top among Middle East Countries in the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) annual index on human development.


A Respect For Faith Traditions & Religions

While Islam is the religion of some 80% of Bahrain’s inhabitants, there are many other faiths in Bahrain and religious freedoms are respected. Bahrain’s King has underscored the country’s value of religious tolerance. Bahrain was the first Arab nation to have a Jewish ambassador to the United States. Bahrain’s capital, Manama, is home to the Arabian Peninsula’s only synagogue, a 200-year-old Hindu temple, and a Sikh temple. Christian churches are found throughout the country, serving the country’s large expatriate community.


Women Leading for Tomorrow

“Women in Bahrain have gone beyond conventional empowerment to become major partners to reckon with.”

-Supreme Council for Women (SCW) Secretary General Hala Al Ansari, 62nd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CWS) in New York

Bahraini women found companies, sit on boards, run family businesses, and serve as ministers. According to the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Bahrain leads the world with the highest percentage of female business founders.

Bahraini women share full and equal voting rights and can run for office, as ensured by Bahrain’s Constitution. Bahraini women may drive and dress as they wish. Bahrain also prohibits wage discrimination or termination on the basis of gender, origin, language, religion or creed. Learn more about Bahraini women leaders.

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Prioritizing Environmental Protection

“No effort will be spared to protect Bahrain’s environment and preserve the kingdom’s cultural heritage.”

-Bahrain Economic Vision 2030

As a small island country with an arid climate, Bahrain understands the importance of stewardship of our natural resources and environment. Sustainability is one of three guiding principles built into our 2030 Vision. Bahrain is stepping up as a policy leader addressing some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues. Our priorities range from reducing single-use plastic and protecting ocean life to conserving our water resources.

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Education As a Priority

In Bahrain, public education is compulsory and free and, as a result, the Bahraini population is tech savvy and the literacy rate is among the highest in the Arab world. Bahraini education also includes lessons focusing on pluralism and tolerance of religions. Together with Amazon Web Services, the Education Ministry is bringing online learning and remote education to students across the country and seizing opportunities that come with advanced connectivity to Bahrain.


Bahrain’s Leadership & Governance


Bahrain is a constitutional hereditary monarchy led by His Highness King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa. Bahrain’s King has set a vision for Bahrain’s future founded on the principles of sustainability, competitiveness, and fairness through the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and called on the world to prioritize religious tolerance and a peaceful co-existence. Learn more about Bahrain’s government and leadership.


Home of The Bahrain Grand Prix

By linking with such a powerful and sought-after brand in the form of Formula One, Bahrain is reaping the benefits of being at the forefront of an elite club of 18 nations that host the premier motorsport events in the world.